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English-Slovak translation. My fields of expertise include law, finances and marketing, but I equally enjoy translating academic texts in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences (Psychology, History) or cosmetics. Got a different project? Tell me about it and we'll discuss how to meet your specific needs.

Consecutive interpreting

Interpretation of business or other types of meetings, where the interpreter sits near the speaker, takes notes and starts interpreting as soon as the speaker has finished speaking.


Interpretation of longer speeches, especially at conferences. The interpreter sits in a soundproof booth and interprets into the earphones of the audience. The interpreter should prepare a bilingual glossary prior to arriving to the conference, in order to sound like an expert in the field discussed.


Do you need help deciding what type of interpreting suits your needs? Do you need a team of translators for your extensive translation project? Send me a message and we will discuss your options.

Meet me

Dominika Fonyiová

Born and raised in Košice, Slovakia, where I started my educational path at the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University. I have Master’s degree in the study programme „English and French language for the European Institutions and Economy“. I’m a language enthusiast, a curious traveller and a never-ending learner. I spent 5 months during my university studies at the University of Strasbourg, France, where I studied Linguistics.

My fields of specialty include marketing, law and finances. Thanks to my university studies, I was able to gain insight into the legal system of English speaking countries, allowing me to deliver accurate legal translations. However, my one true passion are marketing translations.  As a translator, I will find the right words to display the art and elegance of your brand in the target market.

Why choose me?


Translation isn't a uniform product. It is a creative process, the result of which must speak to the hearts of its readers.


I don't accept your text for translation, unless I'm 100 % certain of my ability to deliver a final text of high quality.

Always on time

Nowadays, time is the most precious commodity. You will never receive a translation later than agreed.

Price and deadline

The price of the translation depends on various factors, including its urgency, length, intended audience, the complexity of the terminology.

I normally work 9 to 5, Monday to Friday, but am willing to work late at night or at weekends (in return for an urgency fee).


How it works

  • Send me a message, including your documents (preferrably in an editable format), deadline expectations and target audience.
  • You will receive a price quote and a deadline proposal.
  • I start working on your project and contact you immediately in case of any queries.
  • I send you the translation for review (if applicable). After reviewing the text, you may send me an e-mail specifying any further changes to be made.
  • You receive the final translation.
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